It is acknowledged worldwide that agriculture and Agric-Investment are so important and very crucial to our economic growth and development, just like it is a major factor and nucleus as the main livelihood sources for the majority of our people. It accounts for one-fifth (1/5) of most country’s gross domestic product and supplies the raw materials to two-third (2/3) of any country’s non-oil manufacturing sector.

Thus, it is strategic for national development as a great investment, which has the impetus to draw more people out of poverty. A well-planned agricultural sector can rake in manifold benefits to small holding farmers and further augment the development of agriculture value chains. Indeed and in truth, it has the potential of providing for the poverty stricken people of our time.

The world’s famous Microsoft guru and mogul Bill Gates, at different times of public presentations made the following inspirational statements about agriculture:

  • “Agricultural productivity is key to reduce world poverty”
  • “If you care about the poorest, you care about agriculture”
  • “Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty.”

In a similar scenario, the champion man on top of the list of Africa’s richest people Aliko Dangote, once said in one of his public presentation that “Africa will become the food basket of the world.”

The president of African Development Bank, Dr. Akinwumi also said in a public expose “Agriculture Development and Agric-Investment will be the surest way for the African continent.”

In consonance with the above stated philosophy of gurus and moguls, TIIDAA decided to take pragmatic actions by unfolding programs and projects towards laudable heights in Agric Development in Africa.

TIIDAA, is the Acronym for Tourism and Investment Initiatives for developing Agriculture in Africa. It is a Registered NGO under the laws of Ghana, as a service NGO in supplementing and complimenting government efforts towards agric growth, development and promotions, through tourism and investments initiatives.
Additionally to achieve landmark impact across the African region at large. We are a leading conveners and service providers, partnering with traditional chieftaincy and Authorities, relevant Government Departments and NGOS, as well as other stakeholders to transform Ghana, West Africa and other African Regions at large.

It was an integrated concept conceptualized by Dr. Terrance De Brystow from United Kingdom (UK) after studying a research report presented to him by our team of field workers on farmlands and settlement as well as their operational, approaches, methodologies and techniques.

The concept was endorsed and started round in 2015 at Amantin, a predominant farming community in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana and gradually spread to the Diare Community in Savelugu, part of Tamale, the Northern Region of Ghana.

Sequel to the necessities of administration convenience and co-ordination logistics, TIIDAA co-ordination office moved to Accra, Achimota Christian village from where it co-ordinates and correspond with all regional community offices.


To provide a timeless, excellent, professional and innovative support services and initiatives towards te advancement, promotions, growth and development of Agriculture in Africa


To be leading one stop service provider in Acric-Support, Agric-Tourism an investment for Africa